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Aims and Objectives of the Research Paper Series
The Changing Employment Research Paper Series aims to encourage debate and disseminate the activities of the Changing Employment international comparative European FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) of Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) and Experienced Researchers (ERs). The ITN is amongst a small number of multi-disciplinary social science programmes to be awarded funding in the current Marie Curie awards under the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Development (FP7). The central remit of the Research Paper Series is to explore and encourage debate on the changing nature of employment in Europe in the context of challenges, threats and opportunities for employees and employers.

How to submit a paper
The Changing Employment Research Paper Series is open to contributions from members of the Marie Curie Changing Employment network. We also welcome contributions from any other interested external party whose work falls within the remit of the network. Where possible we would encourage contributors to submit papers to particular themes within the Changing Employment Network notably; management and employees; inclusion and exclusion; employee wellbeing and work Life quality. However papers whose remit might extend beyond the confines of these particular themes are also welcome.

All papers will be reviewed prior to publication in order to maintain quality. The author(s) retain the copyright of the work published, and the paper can be subsequently submitted to academic journals and other outlets. A Changing Employment Research Paper does not preclude revision for submission to another forum.

Anyone interested in submitting a paper may either send a proposal (up to 500 words) or submit a full paper (up to 8,000 words) to the Series Administrator.

Dissemination Strategy
The Changing Employment Research Papers Series will be disseminated to all members of the Changing Employment Network and mailing list contacts, and will be freely available electronically (in PDF Format) from Changing Employment website. A number of papers will also be available in print format.

Editors and Editorial Board

Professor Dora Scholarios, University of Strathclyde
Dr. Kirsty Newsome, University of Strathclyde
Professor Paul Stewart, University of Strathclyde
Dr. Adam Mrozowicki, University of Wroclaw

Editorial Board
Theme 1 Management and Employees
Professor Valeria Pulignano, K U Leuven
Dr. Maria Richea, Université d'Évry-Val-d'Essonne, Theme 1 ER

Theme 2 Inclusion and Exclusion
Professor Paul Stewart, University of Strathclyde
Dr Olena Fedyuk, University of Strathclyde, Theme 2 ER

Theme 3 Employee Wellbeing and Work Life Quality
Dr. Tommy Isidorsson/ Dr. Kristina Håkansson, University of Gothenburg
Dr Julia Kubisa, University of Gothenburg, Theme 3 ER

Series Administrator Ms. Claire Scott, University of Strathclyde
Submission Guidelines and Requirements

All ESRs are required to submit at least one paper to the Changing Employment Research Paper Series. ESRs may also be invited to review papers at the discretion of the Editorial Board. The Research Paper Series is also intended to provide output for each of the ‘Theme’ activities. As a result each Theme within the Network will be required to submit at least one paper annually. All other papers from wider members of the Network or interested external parties are also welcome at all times.

Submitted papers should provide original and unpublished research and either; 1. Theoretical/conceptual insights relating to the theme of changing employment 2. Methodological developments relating to changing employment in Europe. They should be typed in double-space, with 3cm margins on both sides of the paper. The papers should not exceed 8,000 words in length (including references and footnotes).

Title Page
Please include a separate title page which should clearly indicate the paper’s title, the author(s) names, contact details and institutional affiliations, and the contact author. An abstract of 150 words should also be included, as well as any acknowledgments.

Tables and Illustrations
Tables and Figures should be included in separate pages at the end of the paper, and be numbered sequentially. Each Table or Figure should be clearly labelled. References The Harvard system should be followed for references and citations.

The copyright of the manuscript remains with the author(s). The copyright covers the exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the article, including reprints, photographic reproductions, microfilm or any other reproductions of similar nature, and translations. Changing Employment will hold the ownership of the publication and rights to distribute hard and electronic copies to third persons and institutions. Upon publication the author(s) agree to give full acknowledgement to this publication in any subsequent publications of their work.

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