ESR, Radek Polkowski's Image wins category in 2015 SGSSS Photo Competition

We are extremely pleased to announce that Early Stage Researcher, Radek Polkowski's image Divided Communities below has been selected as Economy and Society category winner
in the 2015 SGSSS Photo Competition.

Divided communities
Radoslaw Polkowski

Painting elements of urban infrastructure is a way in which rival communities in Northern Ireland symbolically divide public spaces: Irish tricolour marks the republican, British tricolour the loyalist areas in Derry/Londonderry, the city whose name is also a contested issue. How does this unique context impact on lives of newcomers to these old-established communities: e.g migrant workers? In answering this question, my study critically engages with our established notions of community.

Congratulations Radek, who won £100 voucher.

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