December 2015 Theme 2

Theme 2 - Inclusion & Exclusion

In the last months Theme 2 has been actively working towards common objectives. The book project on inclusion and exclusion focusing on migration and employment in Europe, edited by Prof Paul Stewart and Dr Olena Fedyuk, has made significant progress. Throughout the summer ESRs as well as external authors have submitted draft chapters to the editors. These chapters were discussed in a two-day workshop at Ross Priory near Glasgow in mid October. The debate benefited from the contribution and feedback of external experts on the topics of the chapters enabling further revision and the finalisation of the full book proposal. This full book proposal will be submitted in December to reviewers of the ECPR press. The book workshop culminated in the round-table discussion, which builds the basis for the concluding chapter of the book. In classic Theme 2 manner, we could not let an occasion to film pass by and also used this event to film the discussion and some inputs for a book trailer, which we intend to edit in November. For this book trailer we have also prepared individual 30 second sequences on our chapters as well as some minutes of potentially usable footage. Following the film trainings received in the past years, the ESRs of Theme 2 have edited their own films addressing different topics of migration and work. These short films premiere in the context of the Annual Colloquium and the Project Open Day in November in Glasgow. The objectives of this activity are on the one hand to engage with visual sociology and on the other hand to reach a broader audience in an appealing manner. In late August some of the Theme 2 ESRs have also presented papers at the 12th Conference of the European Sociological Association 2015 in Prague on ‘Differences, Inequalities and Sociological Imagination’ in session 11 ‘Inclusion, exclusion and precarious employment of migrant workers in Europe’ chaired by Prof Paul Stewart and Dr Olena Fedyuk.


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