March 2015 Theme 2

Theme 2 - Inclusion & Exclusion
Theme 2 has continued their work on three simultaneous projects. The first one is of course the book with the working title “Inclusion, exclusion and precarious employment in Europe: the story so far from the UK, Belgium, France and Poland”. The most important development in this respect is that the book draft went into another round of submission in which ECPR Press asked us to briefly review works competitive to ours. Theme 2 is planning also to hold a one-week meeting sometime this year during which Paul Stewart, Olena Fedyuk - who manages the book project - and ESRs will discuss previously prepared books and other texts in order to further develop the theoretical framework of the book.

The second ongoing project is the special issue in “Focaal – Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology”. Since the Network School in Wroclaw, ESRs have worked on their individual papers while Olena drafted an introduction for the issue. Once completed, the papers were submitted to “Focaal” for review and we are now waiting for their response.

Last but not least, much progress has been made in the visual sociology projects of Theme 2. In December 2014, the Theme 2 ESRs took part in a film school at the Central European University in Budapest. Led by Klára Trencsényi and Vlad Naumescu, the course was designed to help ESRs develop their own projects, giving them all the necessary theoretical and technical tools as well as inspiration. During the intensive five-days workshop, ESRs learnt about the theoretical underpinnings of sociological and anthropological films, including the critical reflection on the role of filmmaker as an observer and a participant, about ways of finding filmable stories and different techniques of narrating them, about the theory of montage, in particular within the tradition of the Soviet montage theory, the different documentary styles and, last but not least, ethical issues surrounding filmmaking. At the moment ESRs are recording the actual material for their films, which they will then learn to edit during the second part of the Film School scheduled for May 2015.

Besides these three main projects, Theme 2 has also successfully applied for holding a session during the 12th Annual Conference of the European Sociological Association in August 2015.

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