1st CE Research Paper paper published: Decentralization, Union Power and Contention Episodes: the Case of Dacia Workers

The 1st Changing Employment Research Paper has now been published and is available to download for free.  The paper entitled "Decentralization, Union Power and Contention Episodes: the Case of Dacia Workers" written by Dragos Adascalitei & Stefan Guga, CEU, Center for Policy Studies - Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, falls under the network theme 1. management and employees.

The paper discusses the case of successful union organizing in one automotive plant in Romania.

The Research Paper Series has been developed to encourage debate and disseminate activities associated with the network. The central remit of the Research Paper Series is to explore and encourage debate on the changing nature of employment in Europe in the context of challenges, threats and opportunities for employees and employers.

You can find out more about the research paper seminar series under the research section of the web-site.

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