Film School, December 2014

In December 2014, the Theme 2 "Inclusion and Exclusion” took part in the Film School organized specifically for “Changing Employment” and “Integrim” Marie-Skłodowska Curie Networks. The training took place at the CEU (Central European University) in the charming surroundings of the city of Budapest. Led by a filmmaker and a visual anthropologist from the CEU - Klára Trencsényi and Vlad Naumescu - the course was designed to help ESRs to develop their own visual projects, giving them all the necessary theoretical and technical tools as well as inspiration. During the intensive 5-days workshop, ESRs learnt about the theoretical underpinnings of sociological and anthropological films, including the critical reflexion on the role of filmmaker as an observer and a participant, about ways of finding filmable stories and different techniques of narrating them, about the theory of montage, in particular within the tradition of the Soviet montage theory, the different documentary styles and, last but not least, ethical issues surrounding filmmaking. Every workshop was filled with screenings of practical examples of documentaries to illustrate the theoretical points learnt. Each day included also practical hands-on exercises with camera, including shooting portraits, filming processes, recording interviews and playing with sound. There was also time for each ESR to get individual consultations with Vlad and Klára in order to focus more specifically on their own projects which were then presented to all participants during the concluding “Pitching” session. The School was a great way of provoking critical and creative thinking about ESRs’ film projects with feedback both from the tutors and colleagues from Integrim and Theme 2 is looking forward to the next session in May when they will learn about editing the material collected in the months to come.

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