December 2014 Theme 3

Theme 3 - Employee wellbeing and work life quality
The big news item for Theme 3 is that we finally could welcome our very own experienced researcher at the network school in Wroclaw – Julia Kubisa from the University of Warsaw. It will be good to work with her and to get some assistance and guidance. She will officially start in January 2015, but we had the chance to get to know her on a personal level, and she could get to know us as well.

The other big news is that we will be organizing a conference stream at the conference ‘WORK2015: New Meanings Of Work, in Finland in August 2015’ - see elsewhere in this newsletter for the call to papers. Some work and co-ordination went into this to satisfy the differences in our ideas and approaches, but we are sure it will be interesting and worth the heated discussions. Once again – take a look at the call for abstracts and join us for this stream in Turku!

As can be seen, while up to now we have mainly focused on individual projects to gather empirical data and strengthen the theoretical background, the theme-cooperation for common goals and outputs has finally taken off. There are other common projects in work but it is too soon to talk about it now – more news in the next newsletter!

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