December 2014 Theme 1

Theme 1 - Management & Employees
Let’s have a sneak peek into the activities in which Theme 1 members have taken part.

September’s key concept has been academic writing. The event that warmly welcomed our special concept star has been the Workshop on “How To Get Published?”, hosted by Centre Métices - Université Libre de Bruxelles and supported by ESR1’s (Sara) budget. You may have a look at the topics we touched upon in our academic writing workshop here.

Benefiting from the valuable feedback during the meeting, each Early Stage researcher (ESR) was able to revise their draft paper and hand it in for publication with the Changing Employment Research Paper series.

October’s intellectual eagerness has been fed up by the working meeting in Budapest on “Research Data Reporting”, hosted and co-organized together with our partner Central European University – Budapest, and cheered up by ESR3’s (Dragoş or Tragoş in Theme 1 slang) process-tracing design on good food and lovely cakes.

Forthcoming Scenarios of Career Development
Based on the preliminary findings outlined in the main axes of investigation underneath Theme 1 “Management and employees”, a forthcoming deliverable on the topic of “Employment and social dialogue as multilevel governance in times of change” is underway – January 2015. The paper provides a cross-country study of trade union strategies in capital-intensive industry. This research combines preliminary findings from three Phd projects obtained through fieldwork in Spain and Rumania. To present their paper ESRs have targeted the international conference ‘Institutional Change and Experimentation: Shaping the Future of Work and Employment’ organised by the Interuniversity Research Centre on Globalization and Work (CRIMT) in Montreal, Canada in May 2015. In addition to the joint conference paper, ESRs plan to apply for a common stream or panel on changing employment relations at an academic conference in Europe in 2015. This shall further strengthen the collaboration between fellows placed at different universities.

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