ESR Themes - eNewsletter August 2014, theme3

Theme 3  - Employee Wellbeing and Work Life Quality
The spring and summer has seen theme 3 focusing mostly on the progress of their individual research – the aim here is to use the theme support for advancing these projects and to base the later theme output on the synergies from the individual projects. As a smallest group in the network with only 3 researchers, theme 3 is eagerly expecting the recruitment of the third ER to the ChangingEmployment network, who will support the theme in their common work in the area of work life quality and wellbeing.

To build the ‘theme spirit’ and create synergies in using the knowledge and skills among the theme members and their support networks, theme 3 has met twice during the spring. The first meeting that focused on refining research strategies and theoretical backgrounds took place in the sunny Gothenburg at the end of March and the theme was lucky to have three supervisors to consult their projects with – Dora Scholarios from Strathclyde joined Tommy Isidorsson and Kristina Håkansson from Gothenburg. During the meeting in Glasgow in the beginning of May, the main focus was on discussing the first conference papers the theme members have prepared for conferences in the beginning of the summer. Looking back to it now, both Pille’s presentation at the Nordic Working Life Conference in Gothenburg and Laurens’s presentation in Lille went well and the comments received will be helpful in refining the ongoing work. The autumn will be mostly about fieldwork for all of us. Laurens will be moving to Glasgow in the beginning of September to start the UK part of his fieldwork, joining Pedro who is already there. Having two ESR's of the same theme together all the time will certainly help with brainstorming for research ideas.

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