Experienced Researcher vacancy - Gothenburg, Sweden

The Department of Sociology and Work Science, University of Gothenburg [web-site], one of the full partners in the ITN Changing Employment Network, is now employing a post-doctoral fellow for a period of 21 months to contribute to the research in theme 3: Employee Wellbeing and Work Life Quality within the project "Work-life quality and the flexicurity of employment in multinational companies. a comparative company-based approach in Europe".

Job assignments
To reflect the location of this post in a Marie Curie Initial Training Network, the responsibilities comprise of a number of activities. These include training in network management by working with those senior academics responsible for administering the Programme in Gothenburg and Strathclyde and research and publishing at the University of Gothenburg. As essential elements of their training, the successful candidate will undertake the following two principal tasks:

1) Co-responsibility for project management of Theme 3 comprising: i) co-supervision of the three Marie Curie doctoral students (Gothenburg, Leuven and Strathclyde) who are working on the joint Theme 3 project under supervision of Gothenburg; ii) liaising with the Changing Employment programme coordinator Professor Paul Stewart (Strathclyde University) on the three Changing employment themes. This will entail regular engagement with the other two post docs already in post (Evry-Paris and Strathclyde). Maintenance of the Changing Employment website: participate in organisation of Annual Colloquia (Strathclyde 2015 and ULB-Brussels 2016).
2) Collection of information for a cross-country overview on how flexicurity arrangements, especially for agency workers, relate to national context: editing of a book on flexicurity arrangements. The work is expected to result in at least one original article on flexicurity arrangements and submitted applications for future research projects.

The successful candidate is expected to perform most of their duties in place in Gothenburg, and actively take part in activities such as workshops, seminars and conferences, both within the programme and the department. They will also be expected, as part of their liaison activities, to travel to Strathclyde and other Full Partner institutions when necessary.

The post has now been formally advertised on the University of Gothenburg web-site where you can find details of the application procedure. The closing date is Monday 1 September 2014 and the expected start date will be 1 January 2015.  

This post is also advertised on Euraxess

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