August 2014 Theme 2

Theme 2 - Inclusion & Exclusion
Theme 2 ‘Inclusion & Exclusion’ has been engaged in various common activities in the past couple of months. A long-term project is the book in preparation, for which so far a list of chapters has been elaborated. Most of these chapters will be prepared by the ESRs, but for some specific topics external contributors will be approached. Another intensive cooperation activity are various conferences, in which some Theme 2 ESRs participated together and presented their research. Nina Sahraoui, Radek Polkowski and Mateusz Karolak took part in the XVIII ISA Congress of Sociology in Yokohama; Japan. 

In mid-August the 17th Nordic Migration Research Conference in Copenhagen offered the possibility for most of the Theme 2 ESRs to present their preliminary research results during the workshop organized by the ER Olena Fedyuk “Reconfiguration of ‘ir/regularity’ through practices of labour: experiences of migrants from new member states and 3rd country nationals within the EU”. A joined publication in the form of a special journal issue is planed afterwards. Furthermore Theme 2 has received the acceptance for a whole panel at the ECPR General Conference taking place in Glasgow in September. Besides these research and dissemination oriented cooperation activities, Theme 2 is also going to undertake intensive film training in order to be able to realise their goal of producing research-based documentaries or films. The film training will take place in Budapest in two separate weeks with the first week focusing on script writing, followed by a period in which the ESRs will have the chance to collect material and will edit this in the second workshop week.

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