Theme 1 - Management & Employees
Theme 2 - Inclusion & Exclusion
Theme 3- Employee wellbeing and work life quality

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Theme 1 - Management & Employees

Just like the other Themes, most members of Theme 1 are busy with finishing their PhDs.

For the Project Open Day at University of Strathclyde in November 2015, Theme 1 ESRs prepared a joint poster about their research on Romanian and Spanish labour reforms and trade unions’ responses based on case studies, which is now displayed on the ChangingEmployment website.

In the last months Theme 1 has been working extensively on publications. Sara, Mona and Dragos submitted a joint paper to ChangingEmployment Research Paper Series, received reviews and currently are working on the revisions.

Meanwhile the Theme 1 book project edited by Valeria Pulignano, Paul Stewart and Holm-Detlev Köhler is developing further. ESRs are working on their draft chapters. The book is planned for publishing in November 2016.

The main objective of the book is to examine management and employee relationships within the context of current transformations, taking place not only at the macro-level (e.g. Europeanisation, privatisation, precarisation of work and the current crisis) but also at the level of the organisation as processes of restructuring and outsourcing. Specifically, we aim at understanding the challenges these transformations pose to management and employees as well as employers and trade union organisations, and to study the responses and strategies provided by those social actors at different levels. Contribution deal with crucial questions such as, what are the societal challenges posed by transnationalisation? What are the responses provided by capital and labour? To what extent has transnationalisation concurred to reduce solidarity while increasing the scope for complexity and conflict at work? What are the effects of transnationalisation on employee relations? These are some of the central issues in the book.


Theme 2 - Inclusion & Exclusion

Theme 2 was very pleased to premiere the 5 films produced by Theme members at the third annual colloquium Open Day in November 2015 to a wider audience including students from the University of Strathclyde. Further to the screening several journalism students contacted members of Theme 2 with questions about specific films. The book project also progressed with a intense editing session for the book trailer held after the annual colloquium. In January 2016 the whole manuscript of this collective volume has been submitted to publishers, after the conclusion was  finalised in a collaborative way with all researchers who took part in the roundtable discussion held during the two-day workshop organised mid-October. With a book trailer ready to be released, theme 2 is now awaiting publishers’ review of the manuscript.

Theme 3 - Employee wellbeing and work life quality

In the Fall 2015 the joint actions of Theme 3 focused on the article written by Pedro, Julia, Laurens and Pille on job quality and the role of job security and institutional contexts in comparative European case studies – the paper started as conference presentation at CRIMT conference in May 2015 and developed into a full paper. Recently it was submitted to ChangingEmployment Research Paper Series.

The second joint activity of Theme 3 members is an edited volume on the job quality in (post) crisis Europe, which is edited by Julia Kubisa and Tommy Isidorsson. The book is a Theme 3/ ChangingEmployment project as it gathers contributions from Theme 3 participants – ESRs, supervisors and ER3, and from Dragos of Theme 1. The authors aim to look at the recent changes in job quality on the European and country/sectorial levels, with a special focus on organisational contexts and individual responses and experiences. The book project is still at early stage but the participants managed to form a schedule for the next months. Most of the authors participated in the book workshop at Strathclyde in November and the next planned meeting will take place in Berlin, after ILPC conference.


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