Theme 1 - Management & Employees
Theme 2 - Inclusion & Exclusion
Theme 3- Employee wellbeing and work life quality

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Theme 1 - Management & Employees

Theme 1 has handed in a joint paper for the Changing Employment Research Paper Series (RPS). The paper deals with the decentralization of collective bargaining in the course of the crisis since 2008 and undertakes a comparative analysis of corresponding trade union strategies in Romania and Spain. While all of us have contributed to this paper with substantial fieldwork results, Dragos and Mona would like to acknowledge the enthusiasm and dedication of Sara Lafuente, who has motivated this joint project. For 2016, Theme 1 ESRs are working on a joint book project, coordinated by Valeria Pulignano of KU Leuven.


Theme 2 - Inclusion & Exclusion

In the last months Theme 2 has been actively working towards common objectives. The book project on inclusion and exclusion focusing on migration and employment in Europe, edited by Prof Paul Stewart and Dr Olena Fedyuk, has made significant progress. Throughout the summer ESRs as well as external authors have submitted draft chapters to the editors. These chapters were discussed in a two-day workshop at Ross Priory near Glasgow in mid October. The debate benefited from the contribution and feedback of external experts on the topics of the chapters enabling further revision and the finalisation of the full book proposal. This full book proposal will be submitted in December to reviewers of the ECPR press. The book workshop culminated in the round-table discussion, which builds the basis for the concluding chapter of the book. In classic Theme 2 manner, we could not let an occasion to film pass by and also used this event to film the discussion and some inputs for a book trailer, which we intend to edit in November. For this book trailer we have also prepared individual 30 second sequences on our chapters as well as some minutes of potentially usable footage. Following the film trainings received in the past years, the ESRs of Theme 2 have edited their own films addressing different topics of migration and work. These short films premiere in the context of the Annual Colloquium and the Project Open Day in November in Glasgow. The objectives of this activity are on the one hand to engage with visual sociology and on the other hand to reach a broader audience in an appealing manner. In late August some of the Theme 2 ESRs have also presented papers at the 12th Conference of the European Sociological Association 2015 in Prague on ‘Differences, Inequalities and Sociological Imagination’ in session 11 ‘Inclusion, exclusion and precarious employment of migrant workers in Europe’ chaired by Prof Paul Stewart and Dr Olena Fedyuk.


Theme 3 - Employee wellbeing and work life quality

Summer and early autumn was busy and active for Theme 3 members.

The preparations for the stream on ‘Work Practices and the Quality of Work’ at the Conference ‘WORK2015 – New Meanings of Work’, hosted by the University of Turku, Finland, from the 19th to the 21st of August 2015, that was chaired by Tommy Isidorsson and Julia Kubisa took much time in June, July and August. The stream organisers asked participants to send their papers beforehand and act as appointed discussants. This solution worked out well and many participants acted as appointed discussants to each other’s presentations. It enriched discussions and was received very positively. All ESRs, the ER, Tommy and Kristina presented their papers at the conference and received interesting feedback. The conference proved also to be an opportunity to meet other researchers on job quality, exchange views and discuss the possibilities of cooperation in an edited volume on job quality.

Theme 3 members used the opportunity of meeting in Turku to discuss further the project of a volume on job quality that is edited by Tommy and Julia and based on the research done within Theme 3. Kristina, Tommy, Pille, Pedro, Laurens and Julia participated in person and Kirsty and Dora gave their input via emails. The idea is to focus on sectoral and workplace level of job quality and to analyse it from the perspective of flexibility.

In September Pedro and Julia presented their papers at the IREC2015 on industrial relations, which was held at the Department of Sociology and Work Science, University of Gothenburg. It was also an occasion for Theme 3 to meet and update on each other’s activities. Additionally, Pille, Pedro, Julia and Dragos from Theme 1 participated in the ‘Refugee Welcome’ rally in the centre of Gothenburg, along with 10 000 other people.

Currently, Theme 3 members are preparing for the Annual Colloquium and Open Day at the University of Strathclyde in late November 2015. All ESRs are busy with their fieldwork (or have just finished), analysis of research material and writing. Along with ER3 they are still working on the article on job quality titled ‘The quality of jobs: the role of job security and broader institutional context in European comparative case studies’ and meet on Skype on a regular basis.


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