Theme 1 - Management & Employees
Theme 2 - Inclusion & Exclusion
Theme 3- Employee wellbeing and work life quality
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Theme 1 - Management & Employees

On behalf of Theme1, Sara Lafuente (ESR1) has presented a joint paper paper at the CRIMT conference in Montreal, Canada in May. The paper, co-authored by Mona Aranea (ESR 2)and Dragos Adascalitei (ESR3), deals with the decentralization of collective bargaining in the course of the crisis since 2008 and undertakes a comparative analysis of corresponding trade union strategies in Rumania and Spain. Sara has also presented the joint paper to the Changing Employment Session at the 17th World Economy Meeting that took place in Gijón, Spain in June.

Significant progress has been made in terms of dissemination in Theme 1 as a concrete book proposal has been handed in with Springer in June 2015. Contributions include chapters by Theme 1 fellows and authors from Marie Curie associate partners such as the ETUI or the ILO. Valeria Pulignano of KU Leuven has organized a very fruitful meeting between potential authors in Belgium in May, providing Theme 1 ESRs with feedback on their draft chapters. She will edit the book together with Holm Koehler (UniOvi) and Paul Stewart (Strathclyde University).


Theme 2 - Inclusion & Exclusion

All members of the Theme 2 participated in the second part of the MCN Film School, which took place in May at the Central Eastern European University in Budapest. Under the supervision of professional filmmakers Klara Trencsenyi, Vlad Naumescu and Šimon Špidla they edited earlier collected footage and eventually created five short documentaries on varieties of migrants’ experiences. The working versions of the videos were already screened at the end of the school, and the final versions are going to be shown during the forthcoming ChangingEmployment Annual Colloquium in Glasgow. Moreover, the Film School was another opportunity to strengthen the cooperation with the members of INTEGRIM ITN.

Besides that, most of Theme’s ESRs are currently working on the papers for the 12th Annual Conference of the European Sociological Association which will be hold in August 2015 in Prague. Proposed by Theme 2 panel “Inclusion, Exclusion and Precarious Employment of Migrant Workers in Europe” has been accepted and there were 24 submissions. Ultimately, on the 28th of August, 8 papers will be presented in the two consecutive sessions, which will be chaired by Prof. Paul Stewart and Dr Olena Fedyuk. The conference programme can be found here

Last but not least, the Theme 2 continues working on the common book, which will be edited by Olena. Some of the book chapters have already been submitted and are under revision. The next stage of this project is the October workshop at Ross Priory which will include the external contributors and three experts. The workshop is supposed to end with the recorded discussion and later on a chapter concluding the whole book.


Theme 3 - Employee wellbeing and work life quality

Spring was very active for Theme 3. Pille, Pedro, Laurens and Julia met in Amsterdam to work on the Theme 3 paper titled ‘The quality of jobs: the role of job security and broader institutional context in European comparative case studies’ for CRIMT conference. The paper is based on the research conducted by all ESRs in Theme 3 under common framework of job quality. The Amsterdam meeting was also an opportunity for Julia, the new ER3, to get to know better each of the research projects in Theme 3. The works on the paper continued during the meeting in Athens and during several Skype meetings. Finally, Pedro successfully presented the paper at CRIMT conference in Montreal and was very well received. Currently all ESRs and ER3 are improving the paper in order to publish it in the Research Papers Series.

Theme 3 is currently very actively preparing for the Conference WORK2015 – New Meanings of Work, which will be hosted by the University of Turku, Finland, in 19-21 August 2015. Julia and Tommy Isidorsson will be chairing a session ‘Work Practices and the Quality of Work’ and will use the opportunity to discuss the project of edited volume on job quality with the participants of the stream. All 3 ESRs and ER3 of Theme 3 will present their papers at the stream.

Pille has presented her research on temporary agency workers in Poland and Sweden at the International Labour Process Conference in Athens and received very interesting comments. Pedro and Julia have submitted abstracts and were accepted for the IREC 2015 conference at the University of Gothenburg that will take place in September 2015

Apart from that, Pille, Pedro and Laurens spent most of the time in Spring on preparing their research tools, conducting fieldwork and analysing data, while Julia prepared two publications and presented the drafts at IMISCOE conference in Geneva and at workshop organized by editors of special issue of Transfer Journal at ETUI. She has also presented her PhD research at Osteuropa Institute at Freie Universitat in Berlin, which is a clear sign that even couple of years after the defence of PhD there is still something to talk about!

Spring was also an opportunity for various meetings in the network, especially for ER3. Julia travelled to Glasgow to meet Paul, Claire, Dora and Olena, and had opportunity to meet Kirsty in Sheffield, which gave her an insight to Network activities and enabled better integration with Theme 3. ER3 participated in the Supervisory Board Meeting in Budapest in March, which was a nice occasion to meet with ER1 and ER3. In the beginning of July Julia met with Sara from Theme 1 in Brussels during workshop at ETUI. They had a chance to talk about Theme 1 plans and activities and share experiences.


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