Prof Søren  Kaj Andersen
FAOS, Denmark
Expert training in: The rise and fall of the Danish flexicurity model (Network School 3) [PPT slides]

Dr Surhan Cam
University of Cardiff, Wales
Expert training in: Quantitative Methods and how to use these in case studies (Network School 3) [PPT slides]

drs André van Deijk
Consulting Europa, Netherlands
Expert training in: Dutch perspective on Flexicurity (Network School 3) [PPT slides]

Dr Ronald Dekker
Tilburg University, Netherlands
Expert training in: Employer behaviour, employability and inclusiveness in flexible labour markets (Network School 3) [PPT slides]

Veronica Escudero 
ILO, Switzerland
Expert training in: Are active labour market policies effective in activating and integrating low-skilled individuals? (Network School 3)
[PPT slides]

Maria Gustafsson
Consultant, International Labour Organization
Expert training in: AQM – Advanced Quantitative Modelling / Secondary Data Analysis (Network School 2)

Michael Husson 
IRES (Institut de Recherches Economiques et Sociales), France
Expert training in: Work in times of crisis and changing employment relations (Network School 2) [PPT slides]

Emeritus Prof Richard Hyman 
London School of Economics, UK
Expert training in: The debate on trade union renewal in Europe (Network School 3) [PPT slides]

Prof Maarten Keune 
Director AIAS & Professor of Social Security and Labour Relations, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Expert training in: Understanding changing ideas, concepts and policies concerning employment and welfare (Network School 3) [PPT slides]

Iza Krawczyk–Rudzinska and Marek Rudzinski
Neuroedukajca, Poland - Associate Partner 2
Expert training in: MTMNCs’: Management training in multinational companies in Eastern Europe’ (Network School 2) and Presenting in Crisis Management in  Research Project (Network School 4)

Jolanta Kulinska
JK Languages, Northern Ireland
Expert trainer: Interpreter, researcher and community engagement

Dr Nathan Lillie
Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
Expert training in: Advanced Interviewing in a Multinational Context (Network School 2) [PPT slides]

Prof Miguel Martinz Lucio
University of Manchester, UK
Expert training in: Particiaption and Work (Annual Colloquium 2/Network School 4) [PPT slides]

Dr Feargal Mac Ionnrachtaigh
Gaeltacht Quarter Irish Language development Agency, Forbairt Feirste (, and Chairperson of Upper Springfield Irish Language organisation, Glór na Móna (
Expert training in: Politics of research: writing and publishing (PhD Seminar at University of Strathclyde)

Gareth Mackle
CAIRDE teo, N. Ireland - Associate Partner 6
Expert training in: Third Sector Funding Proposals (Network School 2) [PPT slides]

Udo Rehfeldt
IRES (Institut de Recherches Economiques et Sociales), France
Expert training in: European Social Dialogue: trends and prospects (Network School 3)

Isabelle Schömann 
ETUI, Belgium
Expert training in: Reforms of labour law in time of crisis: flexibilising employment protection for the worse? (Network School 3) [PPT slides]

Dr Thorsten Schulten
Hans Böckler Foundation, Germany
Expert training in: Are the labour market reforms the reason for Germany’s current economic strength? (Network School 3) [PPT slides]

Tomasz Stankiewicz
Volvo, Poland - Associate Partner 6
Expert training in: Volvo Group's Human Resource Management Strategy and Practices (Network School 4)

Dr Alexandra Tilman
University of Evry, France
Expert training in: Visual/filmic sociology and discourse analaysis (Network School 4)

Rafal Tomasiak

UNI Global Union, Poland
Expert training in: Trade Union Organising (Network School 4) [PPT slides]

Dr Jörg Weingarten

ConsultingEuropa, Belgium - Associate Partner 11
CSRM: ‘A socially responsible approach to the management of change’ (Network School 2) [PPT slides]

Prof Wim Van Oorschot 
KU Leuven, Belgium
Expert training in: European comparative data on labour markets, flexicurity and industrial relations (Network School 3)

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