Follow up Workshop - 'Multinationals and industrial relations in Europe (Part II)'

7 - 9 April 2014
K U Leuven, Belgium

Mona Aranea, Ben Egan, Sara Lafuente Hernández, Dragos Adascalitei, Paul Stewart, Valeria Pulignano (plus other participants from KU Leuven and the network if interested)

PLEASE NOTE that the specific discussion points for the professors’ sessions will be circulated ahead of the seminar to allow a specific focus which will guide gaps in ESR knowledge in relation to the working paper. All ESRs will have read the chapters in question so the idea is that they will simply lead a discussion on the issues raised, rather than give a lecture based on the chapter per se.

Arrowsmith, J & Pulignano, V (eds) (2013): The Transformation of Employment Relations in Europe. Institutions and Outcomes in the age of Globalization. London: Routledge.

Stewart, P (2014) ‘Lean production and globalization: a 'revolutionary' management agenda and the remaking of labour intensification?’, in: Martínez Lucio, M(ed.): International Human Resource Management. An Employment Relations Perspective, Chapter 7.

A brief report will be made available from the workshop

Workshop Concept

Several PhD projects are studying worker representation in two or more of the following countries: Belgium, France, Spain, UK, and Germany. The idea of the workshop is to make use of overlaps between the research projects and exchange knowledge.

To gain a deeper understanding of national systems of Industrial Relations in different countries of the EU as a useful background for PhD research. To produce be a Working Paper for the ChangingEmployment website, maybe on comparative industrial relations.

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