Clara Aguila

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Clara Aguila - Early Stage Researcher
Host Organisation: Université d'Évry-Val-d'Essonne
Project: Impact of new management practices upon representations of work and social behaviour of employees
Supervisor(s): Prof Stephen Bouquin

Clara obtained a degree in Sociology from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in 2011 and as part of this she undertook an Internship in Brussels, 2010-2011 and participated in an Erasmus Program in Brussels, 2009-2010.

During her internship, she was actively involved in the campaign Youth March for Jobs. As a sociologist, she had her first contact with the sociology of work when she wrote a dossier, entitled "Research on youth employment in Europe. It was focused on young people between 18-26 years of age". This investigated the "abuse" of temporary contracts by certain companies, and also looked at the reaction on this question by the unions. Whilst working on this, she acquired an interest in theoretical and practical experience. Moreover, on two occasions she has been involved in various campaigns of fraternal parties of the CWI (Committee for a Workers International). She participated in an electoral campaign in Ireland with the United Left Alliance (ULA). Then again, during the local elections of 2012 in Brussels with Gauches Communes when she participated as the third candidate on the electoral list.

In March 2013, she started her doctoral studies as the Early Stage Research Fellow in the frames of Marie Curie FP7 Initial Training Network at Université d’Évry-Val-d'Essonne
UFR de Sciences Humaines et Sociales
2 rue du Facteur Cheval
91000 EVRY.

Clara's doctoral thesis will look the Impact of new management practices upon representations of work and social behavior of employees.

She will study the behavior of workers, shaping their lives, their relationships and their representations of work. This allows us to observe inter alia their acts of resistance or consent regarding their working conditions, their aspirations, demands, etc.I will focus in the current economical crisis looking the situation in
France, Hungary and Spain, making comparative analysis.

Research Interests
Interested in Changing society, improving always current social, economical and political conditions.

Since the crisis began in 2008, she has been active in various social movements seeking to change the malfunctioning of the institutions that run the world. Her decision to commit herself to changing the lives of all workers and to achieve the emancipation of mankind, gives her a predisposition to a study of society with a political character, as she needs to play an active role in the process of change of this system, which is in a state of collapse.


Aguila, Clara., (2015) Speaking about PhD - Impact of new management practices upon re16s of work and social behaviour of employees. Changing Employment YouTube channel

Aguila, Clara., (2014) Inversion of relations: when the margins are centralized: The Spanish labour situation at the emergence of the XXI Century. Social Boundaries of Work – International Conference in University of Wroclaw, Poland, 14-15 November 2014. Contact for poster.

Aguila, Clara., (2014) My last participant observation. The other side of the coin, some reflections from my Fieldwork. Changing Employment Blog

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