Changing Employment Project Open Day

Changing Employment Project Open Day: Monday 23 November 2015, 4pm

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Want to find out more about the changing nature of work and employment?

Come to our FREE, PUBLIC Outreach Day.

Venue: University of Strathclyde, Collins Building (Richmond Street), Scottish Universities Insight Institute on Monday 23 November 2015, 4-7pm

Join us to discuss research findings of the Marie Curie Initial Training Network of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.

The presentations are based on comparative research carried out by doctoral and post doctoral Marie Curie researchers working on the changing nature of employment in 7 EU countries (Belgium, Britain, France, Hungary, Poland, Spain and Sweden). 

The research looks at a range of sectors including manufacturing, IT, the public sector, the care sector and the third sector using a range of perspectives, from institutional analysis based on work place change to biographical research methods exploring the activities of social networks and individual experiences of employment and migration.

Key areas of focus include:

  • Rising precariousness of employment in Europe
  • Increasing pressures on social dialogue in and beyond employment
  • Struggles for improvements to job quality and job design 

The Open Day will present the findings in multimedia format, including poster presentations and short films screenings.

Programme of Activities

Welcome by Professor Paul Stewart, Project Coordinator

Early Stage Researcher Poster Presentations
- Theme 1 - Management and Employees
- Theme 2 - Inclusion and Exclusion
- Theme 3 - Employee Wellbeing and Work Life Quality

Screening of ESR Theme 2 documentary films

Drinks reception

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ESR Theme 2 documentary films [summary document]

Karima Aziz (London Metropolitan University) - A Women's Forum [view on youtube]
This short film shows how female Polish migrant workers in the UK come together to deal with difficulties in their migration experiences, how they help each other and how a trade union branch served as space and support to realise collective agency.

Ben Egan (K U Leuven University) - Separate Together

Mateusz Karolak (University of Wroclaw) - Flower of Europe

Radoslaw Polkowski (University of Strathclyde) - Our Kingdom
A ‘migrant’ woman and a ‘local’ man who have never met but are brought together by their shared story of fight for dignity and respect at work. Their stories bring up also vital problems facing communities across Northern Ireland as well as the newcomers to these communities who are trying to make them better not just for themselves but for everyone.

Nina Sahraoui (London Metropolitan University) - A labour of care
5 women in 3 European capital cities tell their stories. They came from all around the world to Paris, London and Madrid to take care of elderly persons. Joy, sadness, love and grief are their daily reality.

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