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Cleaning up the mess

What does alleged cheating at both the world’s largest car-maker and the largest electronics manufacturer tell us about state regulation and the role of labour?


No More Mothers

I have been away this month interviewing people for my film project comparing Bulgarian workers’ experiences in divided communities. I returned from Lefkosia, the capital of Cyprus, this week where there was a palpable sense of optimism that after 41 years of division and foreign occupation, there may finally be a chance of reunification. There has been little reason for such optimism at any point since the 1974 invasion, with the 2004 ‘Annan Plan’ rejected in a referendum


Filming in Ireland

Last week I was in Belfast doing filming for the short documentary that I am making through the Changing Employment project. The subject of the film is related to my doctoral and previous research, insofar as it looks at the experiences of migrant workers. However, what is new is that I am looking at the challenges and opportunities that present to new (and not so new!) arrivals in communities that are already divided.


Resisting trade deals in Brussels

As the most recent round of negotiations took place last week in Brussels between the EU and US on the TTIP deal, a campaign meeting and demonstration was organised by civil society groups from around Europe that are opposed to the deal.


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