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As Theme 2, we will be working on an interactive website that will consists of materials in different formats: podcasts, videos and photos - all covering the topic of migration, inclusion and exclusion. In these contributions we will cover different issues that we come across in our fieldwork. We will gradually produce new podcasts and videos and once we have more of them they will all be combined into a single project. To kick off our project and give everyone a glimpse of how these materials will look like, I'm uploading the first podcast. Since it's my first ever podcast, it's not without minor errors but i'm learning as I go. Hope it will serve as an inspiration for others in the network.

Stay tuned!

The podcast is available in MP3 and WAV format which should play on most platforms. To play this podcast using Chrome you will need to download a plugin.  


- Mourne Young Defenders Flute Band 

- "Zombie" - The Cranberries

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23 May 2014 17:12
Thank you, this is fascinating! I liked the format that you have chosen for your presentation of material, it sounds prophetic, like a "war announcement" or something like that. Did you choose it on purpose to be like that? Why? What about the authority of your voice as researcher / scholar?

I believe that the interview bits are chosen particularly well!

Finally, here is a link to another "interactive" project that came to my mind that attempts to bring in respondents' voices : Gender aspects of migration in Southeast Europe: Integration, Labor, Transcultural Communication

09 June 2014 09:24
Thanks for comments and feedback and glad you liked it. Actually, I think the background music counterbalances the prophetic climate set by the introduction and the Cranberries song and it gives the material more of a dynamic feel as if the journalist was there on a street during a march observing and describing the larger picture behind it. I also tried to use different materials creatively because one has to make a difference between this kind of podcasts, more journalistic in character, and typical research work which is often more "dry" in my opinion. The announcement at the beginning is an example. Also, since it is directed to the broader audience, I thought it fits very well to draw on music material that is well known to people in general.

Thanks for comments again!

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